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A Brief Note On An Accidental Racial War - 926 Words

â€Å"An Accidental Racial War.† An accidental fight started at school to where no parties were at fault until a circle was formed around us showing all the students that I am white and she is black. The school was enjoying a festival watching a talent show when a girl behind me accidently spilled her nachos on to my head, this may have started a fight against many students primarily of opposite races and I was to blame. I went to a public Junior High School in Long beach, CA. This was a very culturally diversified school; the students had their â€Å"clicks,† as most students would call them. This is typically groups of people of the same interests: jocks, nerds, rebels, hippies and groups of the same racial background: African American, Caucasian, Filipino, Korean, Hispanic, or Samoan. The whole school was treated to a festival with good food, music, games and a talent show showcasing student performers. Some of the performers played instruments, acted out dramas, or danced. The festival was outside in the food court area, where we typically have lunch. It was a warm day and I was sitting by myself in a crowd of students watching the talent show. My legs were crossed on the floor, however, feeling a bit bored I decided to wrap the straps of my backpack around my legs tangling them. The talent show was coming to an end and the DJ started to play some music. When all of a sudden, the teacher announced on the microphone â€Å"anyone wants to come up on stage!?† The crowd jumped up and ranShow MoreRelatedPost Colonial Perception on the Grass Is Singing4315 Words   |  18 Pageschildhood spent there. Her first hand knowledge of living on a farm in South Africa shines through in this book. The land, the characters, the farming are all vividly described. Both of her parents were British: her father, who had been crippled in World War I, was a clerk in the Imperial Bank of Persia; her mother had been a nurse. In 1925, lured by the promise of getting rich through maize farming, the family moved to the British colony in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Doriss mother adapted to theRead Morebreaking entering9355 Words   |  38 PagesState University, intending to become a doctor, but after fainting numerous times in a human anatomy class, he shifted career paths and tried a poetry workshop. Just one year after leaving WSU, his first t wo poetry collections were published. He had a brief struggle with alcohol, but gave up drinking at age 23, and has been sober ever since. He is a prolific writer of fiction, poetry and essays, and the recipient of numerous awards, including a PEN/Hemingway Award for Best First Book of Fiction, theRead MorePeculiarities of Euphemisms in English and Difficulties in Their Translation19488 Words   |  78 PagesCHAPTER III. TRANSLATION OF EUPHEMISMS 34 III.1. Grammatical Difficulties in Translation 34 III.2. Lexical Difficulties in Translation of Euphemisms 36 III.3. Stylistic difficulties in translation of euphemisms 41 III.4. Terrorism and war articles in translation of euphemisms 44 CONCLUSION 54 BIBLIOGRAPHY 57 ANNEX 60 INTRODUCTION This Diploma thesis is devoted to the problem of euphemisms in the English language. Euphemism (from Greek wordRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pages Agricultural and Pastoral Societies in Ancient and Classical History Jack Metzgar, Striking Steel: Solidarity Remembered Janis Appier, Policing Women: The Sexual Politics of Law Enforcement and the LAPD Allen Hunter, ed., Rethinking the Cold War Eric Foner, ed., The New American History. Revised and Expanded Edition E SSAYS ON _ T WENTIETH- C ENTURY H ISTORY Edited by Michael Adas for the American Historical Association TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS PHILADELPHIA TempleRead MoreSSD2 Module 1 Notes31223 Words   |  125 Pagesï » ¿MODULE 01 NOTES SOP- STANDARD OPERING PROCEDURE Determine the SOP purpose and target audience for distribution. Uniforms Your reference will be Local Policy, AR 670-1 Leaves and Passes Your reference will be AR 600-8-10 Motor Stables Your reference will be DA Pam 750-1 Key Control Your reference will be AR 190-51, 190-11, 735-5 References Citations must be accurate and thorough-title, type, number, and date of publication; online links if appropriate; and identifying information for correspondenceRead MoreEssay about The Results of Children in Fatherless Homes16087 Words   |  65 Pagesthe Second World War, the rate leveled off. Only 11 percent of children born in the 1950s would by the time they turned eighteen see their parents separate or divorce. Out-of-wedlock childbirth barely figured as a cause of family disruption. In the 1950s and early 1960s, five percent of the nations births were out of wedlock. Blacks were more likely than whites to bear children outside marriage, but the majority of black children born in the twenty years after the Second World War were born to marriedRead MorePopulation Problem in Bangladesh14871 Words   |  60 PagesModern Science, The autobiography of a river1, The Necessity of The Value of Time. Bangladesh specific topics are also popular, such as Rural Development of Bangladesh, Arsenic Pollution, The International Mother Language Day, Care taker Government, The War Liberation of Bangladesh. Some variety is brought to the mix by a range of more modern topics: The world cup football – 98, Internet, Women’s Contribution to our Country, Dish-Anteena. These essays have a flavour all of their own, so if you are notRead MoreANALIZ TEXT INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS28843 Words   |  116 Pagespropriety, when everything that preceded is pointed in the opposite direction. One frequently used test of plausibility involves the author’s use of chance (events that occur without apparent cause or sufficient preparation) and coincidence (the accidental occurrence of two events that have a certain correspondence). Although chance and coincidence occur in real life, their use in literature becomes suspect if they seem to be merely an artificial device for arranging events or imposing a resolutionRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pages There are logical—that is, appropriate—ways of doing this, as well as illogical ones. The goal is to add truths, not falsehoods. For example, you are waiting in the grocery store checkout line and notice a magazine’s front-page headline, World War II Bomber Discovered Intact on Surface of Moon. You didnt know that, did you? Well, it wouldnt be logical to believe it. Why not? Here are three reasons: (1) Bombers cant fly to the moon, (2) no one is going to bust the national budget toRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pagesinsights, we can also learn from successes and find nuggets by comparing the unsuccessful with the successful. With the addition of Google and Starbucks, we have moved Entrepreneurial Adventures up to the front of the book. We have continued Marketing Wars, which many of you recommended, and reinstated Comebacks of firms iii iv †¢ Preface rising from adversity. I have also brought back Ethical Mistakes, because I believe that organizations more than ever need to be responsive to society’s best

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The Importance Of Teaching And Learning As A Teacher

Teaching has been one of the oldest services to the society in any culture. The base of any nation and culture is established by preparing the human resource for further development of the nation mostly through formal methods of education. Since it has such a great potential to impact the future generation and in nation building, formal education has always been valued especially by social institutions like the government, the church, the family and civil society. The moral purpose attached to being a teacher rendered it to be a ‘noble’ profession. In today’s changing global and local context, the role of a teacher poses unique challenges with profound implications for teaching and learning. ‘As a consequence of (imposed) changes in†¦show more content†¦Ã¯Æ'Ëœ the importance of making learners aware of how to learn (importance of metacognition) and to engage them fully and actively in the learning process (personal experiences and role of assessments for learning) My Rationale- Importance of the role of a teacher: Classrooms today reflect a progressive, ‘constructivist’ and child-centered model of school instruction as against a ‘traditional’, ‘teacher-led’, ‘front-of-class style of teaching’ generation to which I belong. Teachers of today are professionals who are now expected to not teach in that sense- its more to do with acknowledging and understanding the fact that learning is a life-long process and ‘to offer children the benefit of that understanding’ ; ‘they need to build and develop a capacity for change and risk’ (Hargreaves 2003:15) , and learn new ways to teach. They are trained to ‘build special knowledge of professionalism’ which in my understanding means to be reflective ‘change agents’ who need to ‘bridge’ the past, present and future; make meaningful connections between the traditional and the innovative in ord er to constantly adapt to the process of change in modern society. For our introductory PGCE session in early September 2016, the key note was delivered by Kate Frood, Head teacher of Eleanor Palmer. One of the ideas shared by her on the significance of the role of a teacher left a lasting impression on me ‘Changing lives- the power you have is frightening’- pretty much sums up my decisionShow MoreRelatedThe Importance Of Critical Reflection On Teaching1270 Words   |  6 PagesImportance of reflection: Reflection on practice has different meanings, in my view it means constructive criticism: being honest with myself, becoming aware of and understanding my own strengths, and being able to review activities and constantly test assumptions related to our work. These have been my approach to critical reflection throughout the year. This is supported by Brookfield, he says that Critically reflective teaching happens when we identify and scrutinise the assumptions that undergirdRead MoreInstructional Strategies For Students With Intellectual Disabilities771 Words   |  4 Pagesspecial education teachers’ instructional strategies for using the iPad as an instructional tool to enhance the teaching and learning process for elementary learners with intellectual disabilities. Students with intellectual disabilities poses a vast range of challenges to special education teachers when using the iPad as an instructional tool to enhance the teaching and learning process in classrooms. U sing the iPad as an instructional tool to enhance the teaching and learning process for studentsRead MoreThe Development Goals From The United Nations Essay1533 Words   |  7 Pagesalso emphasizes on the importance of offering a quality education for young generation to improve people’s lives and pursue sustainable development. Educators, thereby, should be competent in assisting children to understand sustainability issues, concepts and practices in order to help them become responsible global and local citizens. As stated in Melbourne Declaration (Ministerial Council on Education Employment Training and Youth Affairs [MCEETYA], 2008), excellent teachers are able to incorporateRead MoreTowards Constructivist Teaching And Learning909 Words   |  4 PagesTowards Constructivist Teaching and Learning Abstract Recent developments in South Australia have emphasised the importance of constructivism as a theoretical basis for curriculum development and implementation, and associated school reform, in government schools. This paper reports on some initial insights from a qualitative study investigating ways in which teachers who are committed to a constructivist philosophy construct teaching and learning. The study is a collaborative project betweenRead MoreThe Impact of of the Cold Thermal Environment on Teaching and the Students Learning1545 Words   |  6 Pagesanalyse the key issue which, influenced my teaching using Driscolls model of reflection (2000). This reflective account will examine the impact of the cold thermal environment on teaching and also, justify my choice. Furthermore, I will explore the importance of the key issue and why poor preparation was a contributing factor. To conclude, the reflection will consider health and safety and how it could influence future teaching pr actice by developing action learning needs What? During my community placementRead MoreEffective Instruction For English Learners1414 Words   |  6 Pagessuch as immigrants. The U.S government requires every school that has more than 5 percent non-English speakers to provide these with specialized programs. The authors go to explain useful instructions for teaching students English Language. They also review the most successful models for teaching non native speakers. The authors indicate that the most important approach to enhance and improve the outcomes for English learners is to reform the â€Å"entire† school, and use an effective approach such asRead MoreStudent s Culture And Education871 Words   |  4 Pages [Multicultural teachers]†¦recognize when some students are not learning, reach out to them, and try different pedagogical strategies to help them learn. They do not allow students to sit in their classroom without being engaged with the content. They do not ignore the students who are withdrawn, depressed, or resistant to classroom work. They do everything they can to help students see themselves as learners and value learning. (p.378) It is important as an educator to connect the curriculum to theRead MoreThe Equivalence Of Learning Paths904 Words   |  4 PagesPrior knowledge, experiences permits children to draw back on prior experience and background knowledge that may help them draw connections. As part of learning students need to be able to build their own knowledge based on both the experiences and the information they have learned. In a constructivist environment, it is key for students to be able to question themselves and apply new understandings to any prior knowle dge, which helps the student develop critical thinking. In a classroom I considerRead MoreThe Importance Of Practices Used By Teachers959 Words   |  4 Pages These articles focus on and emphasize the importance of practices used by teachers to teach and assess student learning. One main idea present within both articles is the idea of inquiry-based teaching strategies and their use within the classroom. In the article: Unwritten Bedfellows: Discipline- based Inquiry and Standardized Examinations by Sharon Friesen, she explores the impacts of inquiry based teaching on provincial achievement exams scores. She concluded that using inquiry-based strategiesRead MoreRoles and Responsibilities and Boundaries of a Teacher Essay1495 Words   |  6 PagesRoles and responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher This assignment is aimed to highlight the Roles and responsibilities of a teacher and the importance for a teacher to be aware of the legal aspects of teaching inclusively and to follow all current legislation and codes using the teaching/training cycle, a cycle of assessment, planning and review/evaluating. The Equal Act 2010 legislation is a legal requirement and code of practice to be adhered. This piece of legislation is to ensure that

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Love in a Midsummers Night Dream free essay sample

How does Shakespeare use the theme of love in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’? Shakespeare uses the theme of love to show how complicated love can be; Hermia falling in love with Lysander and Egeus not allowing her to get married to Lysander. Lysander and Hermia try to figure things out between themselves and their forbidden love, â€Å"The course of true love never did run smooth†. On the other hand Shakespeare uses comical love with Helena’s unrequited love for Demetrius. Helena is so sad she calls herself his spaniel, â€Å"Lord, what fools these mortals be! Shakespeare uses tragic love in many ways including love causing pain and unrequited love. Hermia is suffering from love causing pain as she is under pressure for who she’s marrying. Lysander and Hermia are true lovers but her father, Egeus, wants Demetrius to be her husband, or she will face consequences: â€Å"As she is mine, I may dispose of her;Which shall be either to this gentlemen Or to her death, according to our law. We will write a custom essay sample on Love in a Midsummers Night Dream or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page † At the time this play was written, the law in Athens was that the father would choose who their daughter would marry and the daughter would not disobey her father.If Hermia disobeyed, she would be sentenced to die a heartbreaking death. These lines show the reader that Egeus is not a kind of father to mess with and what he says goes. Shakespeare reveals that Hermia runs off to the wood to weep about her marriage. Later Hermia finds herself escaping with Lysander to his aunt’s house just out of Athens, where the Athenian law does not apply. At night they meet in the woods where Helena, another fair lady, is suffering from unrequited love to Demetrius, which happens quite tragically in real life, in some cases, as Shakespeare has shown.Harsh and bitter, like a sour lemon; Demetrius treats Helena like a piece of dirt and poor sensitive Helena lives like Demetrius’s spaniel: the life of a dog with Demetrius as the master: â€Å"I am your spaniel; and, Demetrius, The more you beat me I will fawn on you. † Helena is so determined to be loved that she would grovel day and night to get Demetrius to love her. The more times Demetrius wiped the floor with Helena, the more she kept coming back to him with more love and each time Demetrius just gives more hatred.Being his spaniel she gets whipped and beaten with spiteful words drooling from Demetrius mouth. The unrequited love of Helena and Demetrius carries on right through the play until almost the end. Shakespeare makes ‘The Midsummer Night’s Dream’ humorous by using comical love between Titania and Bottom; Oberon had been angered by Titania and the servant-boy issues, so ordered Puck to pour a magic potion from a flower into Titania’s eyes: â€Å"Fetch me that flower, the herb I showed thee once; The juice of it on sleeping eyelids laid. †Puck scampered off to get the juice of the flower, ‘love in idleness’; because the antagonism of Oberon was so vast that he immaturely makes Titan ia fall in love with an ass. Bottom is very confused with the Queen of fairies falling for him and later on in the play we find out that Oberon takes pity on Titania after seeing Helena and Demetrius in the woods fighting so Puck pours the juice again, this time, supposedly, into the eyes of Demetrius but he gets confused between Demetrius and Lysander, and actually pours the juice into Lysander’s eyes. As Pucks mixes the potion up it makes for comical consequences later on.Even though Helena’s unrequited love is tragic it is also very comical for the audience. Near the end there is a scene where both men are in love with her and she feels that she is right in the middle of a practical joke, with Hermia, Demetrius and Lysander pulling her strings. They start to quarrel and it begins as a little fight but ends as a massive brawl: â€Å"Lysander, speak again. Thou runaway, thou coward, art thou fled? † Demetrius is looking for Lysander in the dark so he can only be found by his voice. But this fight has all been fun and a game played by Puck as he mimics Lysander’s voice.From these lines, Shakespeare shows that Puck can be very mischievous when he has fun but also serious around his master. However Lysander and Demetrius grow tired and fall asleep next to Hermia and Helena, where they are found the next morning by Theseus, Hippolyta and Egeus. However, Shakespeare makes Puck see from the actions of the four young adults, that humans can be very foolish and can also have a rollercoaster ride of love with all its ups and downs, especially in Athens with its law giving the father the right to select the man for his daughter: â€Å"Lord what fools these mortals be! †This line shows that Puck brings Oberon to see the sight of Demetrius’s unrequited love towards Helena and the forbidden love of Hermia and Lysander because of their strange antics, which are partly down to Puck and his mischief, so Oberon decides to sort it out. Oberon deals with the chaos with the potion of the flower ‘love in idleness’ by releasing one single droplet into the eyes of the lovers and then he departs to leave them in peace. Shakespeare shows how love can be madness an d can prompt lovers to act very foolishly. Another comical aspect of ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ is the ‘play within the play’.The mechanicals are producing the play ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’ to perform to Theseus and Hippolyta at their wedding. The play of ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’ is a parallel story to Romeo and Juliet which is very well known for their tragic deaths. In spite of this Shakespeare makes this comical by making Flute, the mechanical, to play Thisbe which he finds embarrassing to play a girl with a high pitched voice who is also deeply in love with the soldier, Pyramus. Bottom, the mechanical who is playing Pyramus, is one pompous, dictatorial man who would willingly do any part: â€Å"Nay, faith, let me not play a woman: I have a beard coming. Shakespeare makes Flute, the bellows-mender, in the play within a play, act as a woman but from this extract you can see that Flute is not over the moon with his role. In the Elizabethan time, male actors would have to play female parts as females were not allowed to act as they were considered to be housewives and their role was to take care of the house and children and even the man of the house. Flute, in some films of ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’, is starred as a young man who has not learned to shave so the mechanicals are in disbelief when he says ‘I have a be ard’.He was meant to feel his chin and then say ‘coming’ after feeling his stubbly chin. ‘The play within play’ that the mechanicals are acting out is for the wedding of Hippolyta and Theseus which is very worrying for the narrator, Quince. As he is practising he stumbles on words and forgets his speech, also he has to handle the whole play with the mechanicals. The mechanicals can be hard to handle as Bottom, being self-important, and Snug, acting quite anxious, if he is to scare the woman as he plays the part of the lion.But when the time came for the play to be performed and they were ‘notably discharged’, so in the end, all’s well that ends well: â€Å"Marry, if he writ it had played Pyramus and hanged himself in Thisbe’s garter, it would have been a fine tragedy: and so it is, truly, and very notably discharged. † Theseus had shown the mechanicals that their play was not terrible but not absolutely fabulous but they did get off the hook and the play seemed to please the audience, so Quince was happy and so were the other mechanicals.Shakespeare ends ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ with ‘the play within a play’ and Puck finally comes on, sweeping the stage whilst the lovers fall asleep with the fairies overhead wishing them a wonderful night’s sleep. Although it appears strange to the modern day audience, and of little significance, an Elizabethan audience would have found this very important. They believed in spirits blessing a couple when they marry. An Elizabethan audience may not exactly believe in fairies but would see their actions as very serious. Also, it provides an even more joyous satisfying ending for the audience.Shakespeare presents many natures of love in A Midsummer Nights Dream. He shows forbidden love between Lysander and Hermia, and their confused love in the woods and also the joyous and celebrative love at the end. He shows how love can affect a persons actions and judgements. He shows how the character of a person can affect the way they see love. Shakespeare also shows that whether one is young or old, there can be love. But above all, he has shown the various natures of love, and how there appears to be numbers of different kinds of love. Love appears in many ways, in everything and everywhere.For myself, though, I enjoyed the unrequited love of Helena and Demetrius as Helena made it look really funny even though it was quite a tragic love. Also the film was mostly the same apart from the part when the four young adults were found in a bush by Theseus, Hippolyta and Egeus without any clothes on. The class cracked up with laughter when we saw it. But I have understood all the different kinds of love between the characters and I know I have really enjoyed learning about ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ and I am looking for more fun when learning about other Shakespearean plays.

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How to Write a Successful Job Application Essay

A job application essay could be more effective than a regular resume or CV as it includes a call-to-action. The goal is not just to list your skills and experience, but to motivate an employer to pick you out of the pool of other candidates. You should show all your qualities in the best light as competition on the recruiting market is rather harsh, especially when it comes to senior positions. You’ll have to get your work cut out. In this post, we will explain how to compose great job application essays: from the purpose of this document and things you have to reveal to its detailed structure. What Is a Job Application Essay? Definition by Expert A job application essay (a.k.a. admission essay or supporting/personal statement) is an integral part of most job applications nowadays. The length of this document should not exceed 2 pages depending on the applicant’s skills and experience. The purpose of this document is to help college applicants showcase their academic professional expertise and skills that meet the requirements of the specific position. Many candidates confuse a job application paper with a resume. While a resume is a brief summary of the candidate’s skills, qualifications, work experience, education, and achievements; a job application is rather a narrative explaining why you might be the best candidate for the job. Unless you were invited to work for the organization, you should come up with a powerful job application package that includes a resume/CV, job application essay, and cover letter. In some cases, you may also need a follow-up and thank-you letter. How to Write a Good Job Application Essay: Basic Info We have analyzed more than 20 top positions in the United States and the United Kingdom to find out which qualities a worthy candidate should possess. Most of the market belongs to business-related organizations, so most of the modern employers value MBA diploma most of all. According to the feedback obtained from numerous recruiters and HR managers, an average applicant should have these qualities: Leadership; Collaborative nature; Critical thinking; Emotional intelligence; Integrity; Creative approach; Global viewpoint; Self-awareness; Time management; Community orientation. On the whole, you should understand that a job application is a legal document, and requires less creativity and more formal tone. You should not go into details while listing your professional qualities and skills. At the same time, a resume contains even fewer details. While a job application essay looks like a complete story, a resume is a statement of bare facts about the candidate. The primary goal is to help the employers to compare and contrast all the candidates to pick the best one. How to Start a Job Application Essay: Pre-Writing Stages Before you actually start writing, you should check examples of successful application essays for a job. Try to find the ones that were written for the position you’re interested in. Also, it is critical to read the prompt (in the case of job application essay, it is the description of job vacancy) several times to understand what exactly the hiring managers expect to see. Consider the relevant keywords and use them in your paper. Usually, those are the specific skills: from creative to technical. Prepare a draft before writing the final version of your essay. Unlike a college essay, there is no need to come up with a specific topic or title, but you can make it a narrative for a creative position like the author of books or designer. Get ready with your portfolio as it might be useful to submit it along with the rest of the application documents. Then, develop an outline based on the paper’s structure. How to Structure a Job Application Essay Properly The first thing to mention about a job application essay structure is its chronological order. It means that, for example, in the section about your employment history, you should start with your earliest experience mentioning the dates and place of work and finish with your last position and responsibilities. On the whole, an outline for this paper looks like an outline of an ordinary essay, but the content is different (more selling): Introduction; Main point 1 (and three more supporting points); Main point 2 (and three more supporting points); Main point 3 (and three more supporting points); Also, you should include your contact information before the title and introduction. In the upper-left corner, add such details as your name and last name, physical address (full), phone number, email address, and date. After that, add the basic info about the employer (name, title, organization, address). Things to Include in Your Job Application Essay Introduction An introduction has to be as brief as possible. It is a general statement introducing the candidate and specifying the job of his or her interest. You may also shortly explain why you would like to work as this expert in the particular field. The good idea is to mention how you learned about the vacancy (online, magazine, word-of-mouth, ad in a subway, etc.) One more recommendation is to list 3-5 job responsibilities from the vacancy description to prove that you understand what you’re applying for. What to Write in the Job Application Essay Body In the first body paragraph, state the reason for applying as well as why you believe you’re the best applicant. In the second paragraph of your body, explain what you can offer to the recruiting agency. We recommend creating bullet lists with your qualifications that match the vacancy best of all. Do not forget to use the highlighted keywords! Use specific examples from real life and professional career to prove your competence in the chosen area. Unite all the body paragraphs with the help of transition words. Job Application Essay Conclusion to Leave a Positive Impression Do not forget about good manners to leave a positive impression always thank the potential employer for dedicating some time to reading your application. Admit how you plan to follow up.  The best way is to start with the word, â€Å"sincerely,† and then conclude with your signature and typed signature. If you find it hard to cope with your job application essay or wish to make sure the paper is excellent before submitting it to the employer, hire professional writers or editors from our writing team. For a reasonable price, you will get a polished application essay for your success!

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Elijah Muhammad essays

Elijah Muhammad essays The reason I chose to research the life of Elijah Muhammad is because my dad had done research on Malcolm X for a class in college, and I wanted to find out about his teacher. I have found, in the process of this of this research, some startling information that I definitely had not expected. As you read this report, I hope you see what I mean. Elijah Poole was born in Sandersburg, Georgia on Oct. 7, 1897, to William and Mariah Poole, who had 12 other children. His parents were former slaves, and he had to quit school after third grade in order to earn enough money as a share cropper to help support his family. Just before the 1920s he married Clara Evans, with whom he fathered eight children. In 1923 he moved his family from Macon, Georgia, to Detroit, Michigan. In 1930, Poole met Fard Muhammad, who believed that it was time for the blacks to return to Islam, supposedly the religion of their ancestors. He became devoted to the religion, and, in 1934, was given the title "Supreme Minister."1 In 1942, he was jailed for evading the draft. The draft called for all males between the ages of 18 and 44 to join, and he refused, on claims that he was 45 and that his religion forbid it. Muhammad was released at the end of the war, and found a likeness of himself in Malcolm X, one of the young new Muslims who had joined the Nation of Islam after the war. In the 1950s Muhammad claimed X as his best disciple. Then, in 1964, X was assassinated, and Muhammad accused the American government of being behind it. In 1975, Elijah His formal education ended in in 1906 when he was 9 years old. He was forced to quit school because his family needed more support. However, this did not stop him from publishing several newspapers in which he tried to persuade blacks to convert to the way ...

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Sports development and the medias Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sports development and the medias - Assignment Example ce that teachers, facility managers, youth workers, policy developers, coaches, society outreach personnel, health specialists and several others are all said to be involved with sports development. On the other hand, in this professional matrix there is an assorted economy present which entails paid professionals, academics, volunteers, policy developers and practitioners. In the good times, the policy of sports and financial support have been endorsed and encouraged vigorously and in the awful days these aspects have jointly been protected against economising. In-spite of all these, substantial concern prevails among various actors as well as institutions in relation to sports development. The rise of the disagreement and discord crops-up from the challenging discourses, applications and policies. A record in regard to the political nervousness was found from considerable academic investigation among the supporters of privileged progress of sports and the broader group participatio n. Such tensions are evident in the sports history of UK and also in other countries as well (Hylton & Bramham, 2007). Sports development has been stated to be a process with the help of which attention and want to be a part of sport might be instilled in such individuals who are still presently unresponsive to the idea. Media has been known to contribute greatly towards the development of sports. It has been also said that with the help of this process, chances could be provided to those individuals who are presently not a part. It has been defined as the process with the help of which the individuals who are presently a part of the activity or the process might be facilitated to continue doing it with consequential frequency and increased contentment. This would allow the participants at every stage to attain their entire potential. Sports development is the idea of making sure that the ways and arrangements are in their respective positions so as to facilitate individuals to gain